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Jul 2015

YouTube: it's brought us videos, vloggers and viral hits across the globe for ten years.

The Nordics celebrated a decade of YouTube with events in Sweden and Denmark, where celebrities, YouTubers, brands and industry leaders gathered to enjoy an evening of inspiration, creativity and most of all: fun.

Our YouTube 10 collection showcases some highlights from both events, as well as articles on how YouTube can help companies to build their brand.

YouTube 10: What do you love about YouTube?

What is it that people love most about YouTube? We asked industry leaders and content creators to find out.

Celebrating a decade of creative content

YouTube is for everyone everywhere and it adds to democracy around the world.

Fredrik Lind, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

It's fair to say that YouTube has changed the way we consume media. Where else can you view your favourite band's new video; learn how to cook the perfect steak; have a step-by-step tutorial on how to 'upcycle' your furniture; catch up on all the latest news and sport; watch reviews on the latest technology, beauty products, books (the list goes on!) - all at the click of a button?

YouTube has become a go-to resource for people of all ages, seeking answers, advice and entertainment. It has created stars of vloggers of all genres: music, beauty, comedy, sport, gaming, lifestyle and social commentary to name just a few.

The growth is highly driven by the broadening of YouTube.
Cats and music videos have definitely not disappeared... but YouTube stars or DIY movies on how to grind skates
were probably not things most people expected in the early days.

Dagens Industri

The Nordics have embraced YouTube; in fact, the most successful YouTube channel to date comes from Swedish-born Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as gaming reviewer PewDiePie. With over 38million subscribers and over 500million views worldwide, PewDiePie has shown not just how big the appetite is for YouTube entertainment, but also the scope for what can be achieved.

Online consumption is strong in the Nordics - so how did we celebrate this? Check out the articles, gallery and video below to find out more.

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Planning Tool Jul 2014

Consuming YouTube Content

Some key facts about online and video consumption in the Nordics:

  • Denmark - A staggering 92% of Danes go online daily for personal reasons, whether it's shopping, checking emails or watching videos
  • Finland - 92% of Finns watch online video in and/or out of home

YouTube 10: How do you use YouTube?

A decade on, YouTube has a plethora of videos and clips that span countries and genres. But how do people consume and use YouTube? We asked industry leaders and content creators to find out.

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Infographic Jul 2015

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