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Apr 2016

Marketers have traditionally turned to YouTube for branding, using it to build awareness, consideration and preference. Meanwhile, its impact on sales has been difficult to measure without access to more comprehensive data sets and analytical horsepower. Lately though, Google and some profit-driven marketers have invested time and resources to understand the impact of YouTube and other media channels on sales. We're now able to share some case studies from these projects.
Tradera uncovers YouTube’s ability to deliver sales through Marketing Mix Modelling Through Marketing Mix Modelling, Tradera has been able to reveal that a fifth of their salesis driven by paid media.
Case Study Apr 2016
McDonald’s uses YouTube to deliver both short-term sales and long-term brand affection Analysing nearly 4.5 years of sales and media data has given McDonald’s unique insight into the efficiency of YouTube to deliver short-term sales and long-term brand affection.
Case Study Apr 2016
FrieslandCampina uses Marketing Mix Evaluation to compare the reach and sales impact of YouTube and TV Research found that 28% of YouTube reach is incremental to TV reach, and that YouTube’s sales impact is 3.7 times higher than TV.
Case Study Apr 2016
Honig uses Marketing Mix Evaluation to understand the power of advertising on YouTube as well as TV The Marketing Mix Evaluator enabled Honig to see how advertising on YouTube worked alongside TV activity.
Case Study Apr 2016
Marketing Mix Evaluation shows short-term sales impact of YouTube is higher than TV for Karvan Cévitam Using the Marketing Mix Evaluator enabled Karvan Cévitam to see how YouTube enhanced their TV advertising.
Case Study Apr 2016

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