The Story

What better way to celebrate the launch of a great football game, FIFA 14, than with one of the greatest football players ever: Lionel Messi. For the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release, we created a life-size, living avatar of Messi called LEO that interacts with you. It also allows you to discover FIFA 14’s game-changing new features, such as Pro Instincts and Precision Movement.

A life-size, living avatar watches and responds to your every move.

In order to emphasize how exciting FIFA 14 is, we created a hyper-realistic, life-size, 3D version of a living avatar in your web browser. We used Maya for 3D modeling, rigging and animation along with Blender for projection mapping the hi-res textures. Flash with Away3D helped us achieve the real-time in-browser 3D rendering and After Effects allowed for pre-rendered mo-graf. To top it off, Ableton scored the music and audio.

The Results

How often do you get to spend a few minutes alone in the presence of sporting greatness? We have pushed the boundaries of human realism in a web browser through technical innovation, artificial intelligence and creative excellence. As a result, we’ve achieved something that is both exciting and ethereal.