The Story

To celebrate the holiday season and show the possibilities of creativity and technology, AKQA created Written in the Stars, a mobile messaging site that lets users share holiday greetings in a magical way. When the recipient opens the message, he or she will be able to explore the sky to find it. Looking for the North Star reveals the unique message, quite literally written in the stars in the sky.

Share your holiday greeting in the stars

Written in the Stars was designed exclusively as a mobile experience. It combines several HTML5 API’s – web, audio and device orientation – where a user’s device orientation directly affects the audio and viral components of the experience. Users explore a three-dimensional star map, with the objective of finding the North Star to reveal a message a friend or loved one has sent them. Users are guided through this environment with audio and visual cues, which are directly tied into the orientation of the user's mobile device via the gyroscope and accelerometer.

The Results

The entire experience lives in a mobile web browser, and showcases advanced features typically seen in native mobile applications, without the need to download a new app. It uses technology in an emotive and human kind of way. We even heard from two pairs of star-crossed lovers whom revealed marriage proposals in the stars. The sky is the limit, lovebirds.