YouTube Brand Channel Leaderboard
January–March 2014

The YouTube audience is more than just viewers—it’s fans. As brands continue to blur the line between advertiser and creator, we want to recognize those brands that regularly publish content—paid or otherwise—to build an engaged fanbase. That’s why we’re excited to launch the first-ever quarterly Brand Channel Leaderboard. Selection is based on an algorithm that factors in multiple signals of audience passion and popularity, including watch time, repeat viewership, likes and shares, surfacing only those channels that have the most engaged, active fanbases.

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July 2014

Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts creates content based on who is responding to its videos to drive continued engagement. By designing every element of its content to reflect the interests of its target audience, the brand is able to drive strong response rates.



From behind-the-scenes footage to in-game moments and exclusive sneak peeks, Sony is increasing engagement by creating shareable content that brings the emotion of its games to life.


Warner Bros. Pictures

The movie studio organizes its channel—playlists, featured channels for its popular movies and more—in a way that ensures its fans get the best user experience when searching for the content they crave.


League of Legends

Creating discoverable content based on user interest is a great way to engage users, and that’s exactly why over five million subscribers keep coming back for more from Riot Games.



Sony Pictures provides a home for the content users are looking for, including trailers, clips and featurettes. By strategically timing the release of its content, it’s able to keep fans engaged.



This official Call of Duty channel has built a healthy and active community, Fan Hub, around the various editions of the popular game.



A consistent presence on YouTube increases fan loyalty. Scheduled content and an easy-to-navigate format keeps Nintendo, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS fans engaged.



With its 50 channels, Ubisoft aims to connect its fan base with its catalog of games, including Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance.


Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom has built a passionate fanbase for its colorful rubber band bracelets through its YouTube channel's instructional videos and user-generated content.

What is the YouTube Brand Channel Leaderboard?

The Brand Channel Leaderboard showcases the most engaging advertiser channels on YouTube. Selection is determined by an audience engagement metric that factors in watch time, repeat viewership, likes and shares.