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The rundown

Google Mobile Ads help you create meaningful brand campaigns in three important ways: by helping you reach your most valuable audience, express your brand in the most compelling ways and create deeper connections through participation. With Google, you gain unique access to:

  • Scale across top publishers on mobile apps, websites and YouTube
  • Powerful ad formats encourage participation and enable brands to deliver results
  • Effective targeting levers let brands find the right audiences in mobile
  • Third Party Ad Serving on tried and true digital platforms

Contact your Google sales representative to get started with mobile branding solutions.

  • TrueView In-Stream Ads

    TrueView In-Stream Ads

    TrueView gives viewers choice and control over which advertising messages they want to see and when.

  • InStream Video Ads (YouTube)

    InStream Video Ads (YouTube)

    Users can watch your video ads while they are using the YouTube app or using the Youtube mobile site.

  • Interactive Video Ads

    Interactive Video Ads

    Immerse users in your brand with a video that showcases your product or service.

  • Tablet Image Banners

    Tablet Image Banners

    Engage users with impactful, appealing ads while they're browsing the web on tablet devices.

  • Interactive Interstitial Ads

    Interactive Interstitial Ads

    Make your brand stand out with an interactive ad that appears inside apps and gives users a full-screen experience.

  • Mobile Roadblock (YouTube)

    Mobile Roadblock (YouTube)

    Extend your campaign to reach smartphone users with a one-day roadblock on

  • Image Banners

    Image Banners

    Get your brand noticed with static or animated image banners as users are browsing through content on their smartphones.