When it comes to advertising, TV has long been king—but times are changing. As media consumption shifts, so too does the effectiveness of ads across mediums. In fact, we found that online video ads had 1.5x the brand breakthrough of those on TV.

April 2012

At the start of 2011, Google, The ARF, Nielsen, Stanford & Wharton collaborated on an initiative to quantify cross-media ad format effectiveness. The pilot was designed to measure the ad breakthrough of TV and online ad formats across 21 live campaigns. Insights from the pilot include:

  • Online video ads drove 1.5x the brand breakthrough of TV ads. Less cluttered ad pods & content engagement may improve online video ad performance.
  • Banners + rich media performed expectedly lower. However, lower average CPMs likely put banners/RM more on par with TV when considering cost together with 'breakthrough'€™.
  • Ad platform (TV vs. online video) impacted breakthrough more than video length. Quality of ad engagement may outweigh duration of ad exposure.