Smartphones have emerged as a go-to for everything from entertainment to personal finance to health and fitness and everything in-between. This research study presents six key trends in how people use their smartphones and shows that the smarter the phone, the blurrier the line between "real" and digital.

August 2011

Smartphones are changing the daily lives of users and generating innovative opportunities. Working with Brainjuicer and Contagious, Google looked to its own employees to identify trends among longtime smartphone users around the world. Among our key findings:

  • Mobile is emerging as a critical bridge to information and communication on both a global and local scale, a connection between the digital and physical worlds
  • Rather than replace other digital communication channels like e-mail and chat, mobile channels augment them; users actively manage who can reach them and how
  • Smartphones are emerging as an everyday platform for entertainment, personal finance, and managing personal health and fitness metrics and routines