To better understand how shoe brands find their audience, and what role digital media played in that process, we did a little research into how people shop for footwear. In doing so, we found that 52% of men were more likely to remember offline ads and they also prefer to purchase shoes in a store. In addition, sandals have the highest online conversion, 6.8%, beating out athletic and lifestyle shoes.

November 2011

Do marketers have a separate footwear marketing strategy for men vs. women? What about by type of shoe? We gleaned some of these insights out of this year's footwear meta study and share this piece here:

  • Men were more likely than women to make their purchase offline, as opposed to doing so online
  • Interestingly, 52% of men were more likely to remember seeing or hearing an offline advertisement (vs. 39% for women
  • Sandals convert the most online (6.8%) versus other types of shoes like athletic shoes (4.4%) and lifestyle (2.1%)