As summer ends, the tradition of back-to-school shopping begins. In the digital age, has "shop 'til you drop" turned into "shop 'til your computer runs out of battery"? A study conducted by OTX suggests that digital isn't completely replacing brick and mortar, but it's definitely giving it a run for its money. Research revealed that 55% of American consumers planned to go back-to-school shopping in 2010, and half of these shoppers planned to shop both online and in stores. It also showed that Americans will buy t-shirts over textbooks, with apparel topping the list as the most popular shopping category.

May 2010


A survey with OTX found that 55% of American consumers will go back-to-school shopping this year. Of those shopping:

  • 49% plan to shop both online & in-store
  • A majority of them will begin purchasing in July, with 41% of them buying in August
  • Apparel tops the list for back-to-school shopping