Has digital changed the way we ask for help? In 2012 we teamed up Ipsos to find out. In a study comparing customer service calls and online contacts within the telecom industry, we found that 19% of people prefer to make their inquiries online. In addition, 37% of people rely on search to find answers to their wireless questions each month.

March 2012

Google partnered with Ipsos in 2012 to understand the evolution of customer service in the telecom industry. The study looks at subscribers' awareness, use, and satisfaction with their provider's customer service offerings. It also looks at the use of digital customer service programs among advertising professionals.

Among the key consumer findings:

  • 19% prefer to contact customer service online.
  • 37% use search at least once a month to help look for answers to their wireless customer service questions.
  • Only 39% are aware of online chat, 29% are aware of social media solutions, 24% are aware of online forums, 20% are aware of online video tutorials hosted on the provider's website.

Among the key advertiser findings:

  • 81% agree or strongly agree that improving online customer service would improve customer loyalty and reduce churn.
  • 76% of advertisers wish that their customers were more aware of their online service options.
  • 37% believe that customers are most likely to reach their company's digital customer service offerings by using a search engine. Yet 1 in 3 advertisers do not currently use search ads to support customer service