Digital advertising is not one-size-fits-all. While most marketers understand its importance, this study helps break down what makes a successful ad in terms of the brand, medium and placement types. It found that standard Flash ads are least effective, while rich and video units have the most impact. More surprisingly, perhaps, is that less intrusive ads tend to be more persuasive than the more in-your-face approaches.

February 2012

Now more than ever, advertisers have an opportunity to build their brands with digital ads. Research shows that good creative matters. In this study DoubleClick has teamed up with Dynamic Logic to study the results of thousands of brand campaigns in Dynamic Logic's MarketNorms® database. Together, we provide insight into how different ad formats perform for brands, how frequency plays a role, differences across industries and tips on how to improve performance for any format. Some highlighted learnings include:

  • Simple flash is the format that performs worst at affecting brand favorabililty.
  • At a frequency of 2 or more, rich media formats have the greatest impact on purchase intent.
  • Mobile ads perform extremely well across all branding metrics.
  • Looking across industries, rich media with video is generally the format that can yield the most branding impact.
  • Lower in the funnel, polite ad formats are better at persuasion than more intrusive formats.