More than 90% of people in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands now use private internet. This in-depth study breaks down the digital devices and habits of adults in Northern and Central Europe, examining usage of everything from handheld games and phones to computers.

May 2012

This research offers unique insights into the usage of internet enabled devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) as well as internet & broadband penetration and online behaviour. The enumeration survey was conducted during Q1 2012 in 40 markets and this is the overview presentation on 11 Northern and Central Europe (NACE) markets.

Key results:

  • Growing smartphone & tablet penetration in all NACE markets.
  • In Norway, Sweden and UK every second adult uses a smartphone.
  • In most NACE-countries mobile networks are the most often used channel to go online via smartphone.
  • In every market laptops are more common than desktops — Norway has highest laptop share.
  • Across all countries (private) internet usage is on a high level. In the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark private usage reaches 90%.