Though most shoe sellers rely on people walking in the door, we wanted to see how search affects which door they choose. This study reveals that people who plan to buy shoes in the store spend more time researching where to buy than those who buy online. Also, one in three used their mobile devices to compare prices or search for coupons before purchasing.

November 2011

A great deal of footwear retailers still rely on sales in the brick and mortar stores. What kind of role does search have on the cash register ring in the store?

  • Offline footwear purchasers actually spend more time online researching their offline choices than online purchasers
  • About 1 out of 3 footwear shoppers that use their mobile devices during the shopping process are using their devices to price compare and search for coupons.
  • 43% of searchers purchase in the store, versus 36% of non-searchers. Targeting searchers with compelling messaging can help drive more customers into the store.