We've spent a lot of time measuring how much people use their phones and what they use them for. What's trickier, though, is knowing why. This study compares a series of successful mobile campaigns from big brands like Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull to try to pinpoint just that. In the end, we uncovered five secrets to creating meaningful mobile interaction.

October 2012

We know a lot about WHAT people are doing in the mobile space: when they use their phones, what activities they do with their phones, how many times a day they use their phones, etc. But what is missing in the marketplace is a deep understanding of the WHY the mobile space is so powerful. That is, what is the emotional relationship people truly have with the mobile space and how they make meaning there? To answer this, we conducted an anthropological study to gain a better understanding of how people feel about, relate to and find meaning in the mobile space. And ultimately we learned how brands can engage their consumers in more emotionally resonant and impactful ways.