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Wildfire Report: 7 Social Media Strategies for Brand Building

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When it comes to posting on a brand's social pages, your messaging strategy can make or break your community. If done well, messaging will compel consumers to engage in a conversation with your brand. So what makes certain brands so consistently engaging, while others fail to be noticed? In this paper, we'll look at seven proven engagement strategies for inspiring fans to like, +1, share and comment your brand's posts. We'll also look at specific examples from a range of companies that consistently get great results with their social media messaging.

"According to one study, a brand’s posts on Facebook typically reach just 16% of its fans. So while publishing a steady stream of content is a very necessary part of engagement strategy, it is not sufficient as a stand-alone strategy."
  • Maya Grinberg

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    • Written by
    • Maya Grinberg
  • Published February 2013
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