The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

The rundown

These days, the customer journey has grown more complex. We analyzed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics and distilled how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions. Use the benchmarks in this tool to help understand the roles these channels play, so you can better plan which channels you will use when, increasing marketing performance.

Choose an industry, business size and region to see how digital marketing channels influence a typical buyer before the sale. Channels to the left tend to play an early and assisting role in the typical sale. Channels to the right are more likely to be the last interaction before a purchase.

Large businesses > 10K ecommerce transactions in 45 days. Medium 500–10K. Small < 500.

Channel Position on the Path to Purchase

Today’s Customer Journey

These days, the customer journey has grown more complex, touching many different marketing channels. This tool helps you understand the roles these channels play, so you can better attribute credit across the purchase path and improve your marketing performance.

Display Impressions vs. Clicks

The charts above are based on click behavior, but any display ad seen by a consumer can have an impact on her buying behavior, even when she doesn't click. In general, display impressions tend to act at the beginning of the purchase path 33% of the time and in the middle 45%. They play a role at the end of the journey about 23% of the time. (Display impression data was not available for all purchase paths and therefore is excluded from the charts.)

Mobile in the Purchase Journey

In today’s constantly connected world, the customer journey does not always occur on a single screen. While mobile and cross-device reporting is not yet included in these benchmarks, you can read Mobile in the Purchase Journey to see Google’s research on the role of the smartphone—when, where, and why customers use smartphones, and how they impact the purchase decision process.

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