Diagnostic Tools & Industry Benchmarks

Measure your brand’s site and campaign performance and get tips on improving key metrics.

Recommended tools

These tools can help you gauge your own performance, compare it against the competition, and suggest ways to improve it.

Test My Site

See how fast your webpages load and get specific tips to speed them up.

Test My Site is a simple way to understand how your mobile page speed impacts your business and compares to top performers in your industry. Simply input a url to see your site speed on specific pages across your web properties. You’ll obviously want to start with the homepage, but don’t forget to test other high-traffic or business-critical consumer-facing pages.

Based on the analysis, Test My Site provides a free report with customized, simple recommendations to improve your mobile site speed.

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Speed Scorecard

Compare your mobile site’s speed to industry peers and see the potential revenue impact that speed has on the bottom line.

The Mobile Speed Scorecard allows you to rank your mobile site against peers, by country and connection type. It relies on real-world data from the Chrome User Experience Report.

For the Mobile Speed Scorecard, simply:

  • Set country and connection speed (3G or 4G).
  • Type your domain into the top of the box and hit the arrow.
  • To get a comparison, type another domain into the top of the box. You can compare up to 10 domains.

The Impact Calculator gives you a directional look at how improving your mobile site speed could increase your conversions and revenue.

For the Impact Calculator, you’ll need a little more information. Domain and current speed will be populated with information from the Speed Calculator, but you’ll also need:

  • Average Monthly Visitors
  • Average Order Value ($)
  • Conversion Rate (%)

Then simply use the slider to see how mere seconds can have a big impact on revenue.

(Average Monthly Visitors, Average Order Value, and Conversion Rate can be found in various tools, including Google Ads, Analytics 360, CRM systems, or any other web analytics platform your company may use.)


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