Think with Innovators: Kristjan Hauksson, Digital Evangelist & Co-Founder, SMFB Engine

September 2017

In ‘Think with Innovators’ some of digital media’s most creative minds sit down with us to share their knowledge and experience. In this installment, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Digital Evangelist & Co-Founder at SMFB Engine, tells us how he first realised the potential of search marketing, and explains the all-important difference between ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital explorers’.

As a digital evangelist and Co-Founder of agency SMFB Engine, Kristjan Mar Hauksson has a big advantage when it comes to marketing himself online. “I’m the only Kristjan Mar Hauksson in the world,” he says, “literally!” But with twenty years of experience in digital, there’s a lot more to Kristjan than a unique name.

 It was realising the internet’s “lack of boundary” that first opened Kristjan’s eyes to the potential of search. “I hadn’t thought about the internet in a marketing aspect,” he says, recalling the days before his first forays into digital media, “but suddenly we saw this potential with search to market products and services.”

 Behind Kristjan’s success in this field is a boundless desire to fully understand the user intent behind each individual search. “The success of search is the intention behind it,” he observes. “If we understand the intent of the searcher we can understand the journey that person has gone through.” Because each searcher is unique, Kristjan says his work is always changing and always fresh. “The most challenging campaign I’ve ever done is basically every campaign I’ve ever done, because there’s always some kind of a twist that we have to think about.”

 When considering the source of his enduring love of innovation, Kristjan mind turns to his children, the youngest of whom is less than ten years old. “My youngest kids have grown up with computers and are digital natives,” he says, “but I’m a digital explorer - I thrive a lot from that.”

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