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It's critical for marketers to have a comprehensive presence on mobile throughout the holiday season and beyond. Consumer shopping behavior is evolving, with shoppers turning to mobile not only for inspiration and information, but also to buy.

This is the year of the supershopper. These savvy mobile users are open to new products and brands. They're constantly on a quest for the best. And, importantly, they start shopping early and keep on shopping well after the holiday crowds have dissipated.

As the holiday season progresses, more consumers are shopping and they're much more likely to make purchases. And according to Google Analytics, U.S. retailers' mobile conversion rates increase.1

There are several pronounced online conversion peaks. On mobile, for example, conversion rates jump 30% on Black Friday and 50% on Cyber Monday when compared to November 1.2 As online conversion rates rise, so should marketers' bids across devices. Those who raise their bids to match the rising conversion rates will be better positioned in search than the competition.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't the only key shopping dates, however. Marketers should beef up their presence as early as mid-November and keep the lights on into January. Key shopping dates for marketers to note include Veterans Day and Green Monday—a term that typically describes the second Monday in December—as well as the first full weekend following the new year. Here are key mobile shopping dates for 2016.

Mobile Conversion Rates Nov. 2015–Jan. 2016

Mobile Conversion Rate Holiday Season 01 05

Key Dates for 2016

November 11 — Veterans Day
November 25 — Black Friday
November 28 — Cyber Monday
December 12 — Green Monday
January 7 and 8 — The first weekend after the holidays

Marketers must capitalize on these dates as well as influence the increasing number of shoppers who are not only converting online, but also using mobile as the "door-to-the-store." To capture the full value of mobile, marketers should measure those assists either through store visits, store sales, or cross-device attribution.