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Dulce Candy sure knows her way around eyeshadow palettes. She's become a sought-after YouTube creator by pairing that expertise with an approachable style and a true connection with her fans. See why brands like Neutrogena teamed up with Dulce to get in front of millennials and diverse audiences.


Share beauty, fashion, and happiness advice with a broad audience


Make content about topics she loves

Publish content consistently and regularly communicate with fans

Connect authentically with her audience as part of the Hispanic community that loves beauty content


2.2 million YouTube subscribers

Over 3.2 million monthly views on YouTube channel

Subscriber base has grown more than 55% YOY since 2009

After months donning an Army-issue uniform day after day, Dulce Candy Ruiz was eager to reconnect with two of her loves: fashion and beauty. In June of 2008, while still in the Army, Dulce started her own YouTube channel, Dulce Candy, which has launched a career unlike anything she could have ever imagined.

From the beginning, Dulce has loved inspiring her audience with her incredible story. She immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico with her family at six years old and has truly built a name for herself. By sharing her personal experiences and authentic passion for beauty and self-expression, she has connected with broad audiences, from millennials to Spanish-speaking audiences.

Today, Dulce is in a prime spot to capture her fans' attention and loyalty, in part because a recent third-party study suggests that young Hispanic women are watching more videos to learn about beauty and fashion than the general audience.1 Among videos viewers surveyed in another study, more than 90% of self-identifying U.S. Hispanics said they watch YouTube videos at least monthly.2 And if they want to learn more about a product or service by watching a video, 75% of those we surveyed turn to YouTube first.1 Through her unique blend of expertise and approachability, Dulce has been able to get in front of various diverse audiences.

Getting to know Dulce Candy

Three keys to building a successful YouTube channel

Dulce Candy didn't get to 2.2 million subscribers3 overnight. Here are her keys to success:

1. Keep it real. One of the reasons Dulce is so successful is because her channel's emphasis on topics she truly loves: DIY, makeup, beauty, hair, family, and fashion. "These are things I would research and play around with even if I weren't making videos, so it's such a natural fit for me," Dulce says. She loves helping women bring out their inner beauty with easy-to-follow tips, and she is dedicated to helping people pursue their passions. Dulce published her first book "The Sweet Life," in which she candidly shares real stories to inspire her fans and help them believe they can accomplish their dreams. Dulce also finds inspirational makeup styles from Hispanic celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or occasionally posts videos in Spanish. This furthers her ability to appeal to diverse audiences authentically with unique styles and products that other beauty creators don’t often use.

2. Keep up with the times. Dulce stays up to date on what’s hot on YouTube and what interests her fans. A recent third-party study suggests that U.S. Hispanics watch makeup how-to and hair videos significantly more than general audiences: 76% versus 51% for how-tos, and 55% versus 16% for hair videos.1 Of all the content Dulce produces, hair and makeup tutorials account for 56% of the top videos on her channel.4 As the world becomes more mobile, so do Dulce's fans. Of those surveyed in a recent third party study, almost half of U.S. Hispanics’ views of beauty videos are done on mobile devices.1 Dulce has seen this trend as well, and now 44% of views on her channel come from mobile.4 She makes sure to provide a seamless mobile experience by creating content that is easily viewable and digestible on smartphones.

3. Keep in touch. Dulce understands the importance of publishing consistently. She averages one video every three days, which adds up to an average of 122 videos per year.3 In addition to her fashion and beauty videos, she also takes the time to connect with her fans on a more personal level. Her video "Draw My Life: Dulce Candy," where she depicted her life story through drawings, is one of her most viewed videos ever with 1.8 million views.4 For her top 100 most-viewed videos, she has gained an average of 2,270 new subscribers per video.4 Among those top videos, 14% are personal in nature and have helped her gain an average of over 37,000 new subscribers each.4

Thanks to her approachable style, positive energy, and commitment to her fans, Dulce's number of subscribers has grown 57% year over year (YOY) since 2009.3 During that time, she joined the multi-channel network StyleHaul, and her fans have proven to be incredibly loyal: Dulce now has 4.2 million subscribers and followers across a variety of social media platforms.5

Among video viewers surveyed, more than 90% of self-identifying U.S. Hispanics watch YouTube videos at least monthly.

How YouTube collaborations with Dulce Candy help beauty brands reach consumers

Dulce Candy is a true crossover success, connecting with Hispanics, millennials, and general audiences. Her authentic content and connection with her fans has made Dulce an appealing partner for top brands she loves. She has teamed up with brands like Neutrogena, Too Faced, Kohl's, Olay, Schwarzkopf, SheaMoisture, and Macy's on everything from campaigns to fan meet-and-greet events. She has also collaborated with brands and their agencies for unique sponsored content, such as her "Enhancing Your Natural Beauty" video, made in collaboration with Kohl's and Performics, a global performance-marketing agency. Dulce leverages her voice and creativity to partner with leading brands with the shared goal of bringing her fans high-quality content.

Dulce Candy is also seen as a true influencer. She was recently recognized as a "Social Star and Author" on the 2015 Latina 30 Under 30 List of Young Latinos Transforming the World. She also received the 2015 Latinovator award, alongside fellow recipients like journalist Soledad O'Brien, producer Emilio Estefan, and activist/blogger Yoani Sanchez. In 2013, she won the L'Orèal and Women Magazine's 2013 "I Am Worth It" contest and was named one of Latina magazine's 13 "Latinas of the Year."

The combination of Dulce Candy’s role as an influencer and her audience of highly engaged fans hits a real sweet spot for beauty and fashion advertisers looking to connect with diverse audiences. Her brand partnerships reflect true creative collaboration and original thinking, allowing brands to tap into her authentic voice and deep connection with her fans.