Watch now: How to do voice assistance right

Kelly McKesten, Ken Wheaton / November 2018

Advances in technology — from search to video to machine learning — have led to the age of assistance. People want and expect help throughout the consumer journey, and marketers have an opportunity to provide that help. Voice assistance via phone apps and smart speakers will play an increasingly larger role in that. But, according to 360i New York President Abbey Klaassen, “it’s not good enough to create something just because it doesn’t exist yet. You have to be answering a real human insight.” And you have to consider why and how a person might turn to voice technology to meet specific needs.

We recently spoke to Klaassen about the agency’s partnership with National Geographic to promote scripted drama series, “The Long Road Home,” which is based on the real-life stories of returning military service members. They created a voice action called Bravo Tango, the first voice meditation app specifically designed for veterans returning from combat and struggling with mental health issues.

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