How HP Australia Boosted Sales and ROI With Display & Video 360

April 2017

To move millennials through the purchase funnel, HP Australia worked with its retail partners and Google Marketing Platform to get a single view of the customer. This approach drove a 4X increase in ROI and a 2X increase in conversions amongst retargeted millennials.


Drive sales among millennials

Deepen partnerships with key retail partners

Understand ROI across marketing efforts


Embedded conversion tracking on retail partners’ sites

Used Display & Video 360 and Google Ads to enable HP and retail partners to share data

Created single view of the customer

Targeted and retargeted consumers using a unified cookie list


4X increase in ROI based on online sales

2X increase in conversions

As a producer of hardware, software, and related services for businesses and consumers, HP Australia wanted to drive sales among millennials. The challenge was, according to internal research, millennials didn’t believe HP products were relevant to them; instead, they associated HP with older users. HP Australia realised it needed to do a better job of communicating with and targeting millennials.

HP Australia began by shifting marketing spend from billboards, TV, and print to targeted, measurable digital media. That helped the brand reach millions of engaged and in-market consumers, drive awareness of new products, and take consumers through the consideration phase of the purchase funnel. With the awareness piece taking effect, the challenge was then to guide millennial consumers through the lower funnel, from evaluation to purchase.

Sharing data and using Display & Video 3601 to get a clear view of the consumer

HP Australia worked closely with its retail partners and resellers in Australia to create campaigns on Google Ads2, YouTube, Google Display Network, and Display & Video 360.

"Retailers and manufacturers need to ensure that the digital customer journey is optimised and personalised, particularly at the lower end of the funnel."

To get a clear view of the consumers, the brand first shared its first-party consumer data with retailers. Then it embedded conversion tracking on retail partner sites. This allowed HP Australia and its retail partners to share cookie lists and target and retarget consumers who had already shown an interest in the brand’s products.

"Retailers and manufacturers need to ensure that the digital customer journey is optimised and personalised, particularly at the lower end of the funnel. We are embracing this by programmatically buying retail banner display advertising tailored to our end-user segments," said Darren Needham-Walker, marketing director at HP Australia.

This approach helped HP Australia gain a better understanding of the full customer journey than was possible before.

Data-led approach drives incremental sales

Measured through incremental e-commerce sales, HP Australia produced a 4X improvement in ROI, while traffic from programmatic retargeting converted 2X higher than the non-targeted consumer. Ultimately, this data-led approach helped the brand expose more of its millennial target audience to its campaigns, and drive incremental sales at a significantly lower investment than previous marketing efforts.


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