Banner blindness: How Adidas scored to win the attention of SEA World Cup fans

December 2018

As brands deploy more generic display ads, more consumers are tuning them out. Learn how Adidas broke through the clutter and captured consumers’ attention with personalized ads during the FIFA World Cup season in SEA.

A consequence of the flood of obstructive ads is that consumers are going “banner blind,” showing little to no interest in generic display banners. With top leagues in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam drawing more than 1 million spectators a year, Adidas knew it would be competing for SEA consumers’ attention during the ad-intense World Cup season, so it teamed with Google to deploy highly personalized banner ads with real-time, relevant messaging.

The result? The team designed a custom solution to serve data-driven ads with dynamic elements, such as photos of each country’s favorite Adidas-sponsored player and live game scores. At the beginning of each match, a “moment” was created using the real-time triggers feature in Display & Video 360 (which, in turn, launched the bidding for premium inventory). From there, four creative templates were used to create 300 customized banner ads in Studio. These ads were then served through Campaign Manager. Given the timeliness of the campaign and the high level of relevance to viewers across the region, the campaign drove a 1.7X higher viewability rate than the industry benchmark and a 2.5X higher hover rate and a 3X click-through rate than the brand’s past campaigns.

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