Google’s Unskippable Labs has run over 250 video ad experiments. Learn their approach

Brianne Janacek Reeber, Kelly McKesten / March 2019

“When it comes to video ad creative, what works?” That’s the question Ben Jones, global creative director at Google’s Unskippable Labs, unpacks day in and day out.

“There is a lot of muscle memory when it comes to making ads. Some practices are backed in data, and some are gut instinct, bluster, or opinion,” says Jones. And that’s where Unskippable Labs finds space to experiment. “We find hypotheses we don’t have a definite answer to, and we say, ‘We don’t know if this works; you don’t know if this works. Let’s design an experiment to test it.’”

Unskippable Labs partners with brands to review about 1,000 video ads each month, and has run over 250 experiments globally to put some analytical rigor behind those gut instincts. Watch Jones explain his team’s four-pronged approach to video ad experimentation and find out how your brand can start to experiment too.

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