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eHealthInsurance launched a new mobile presence with the goal of connecting its customers with quality, affordable health insurance, anytime and anywhere.


Harness tremendous growth potential of mobile

Provide mobile customers an easy way to quote, compare, and buy quality, affordable health insurance

Help customers buy health insurance anytime and anywhere


Developed mobile site

Tested and iterated mobile site landing pages

Created new iPhone and Android apps


Connected with mobile customers, both those during the research phase and also those ready to apply

Tapped into the rapidly growing mobile market, now one of eHealthInsurance’s fastest growing sources of traffic

Unique visitors to eHealthInsurance’s mobile website are up 86% compared to last year

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, eHealthInsurance is America's #1 online source to quote, compare, and buy affordable health insurance. Licensed to market and sell health insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, eHealthInsurance offers more than 10,000 health insurance products from over 180 health insurance companies. Its technology enabled the nation's first Internet-based sale of a health insurance policy!

"We launched our new mobile presence with the goal of connecting our customers with quality, affordable health insurance, anytime and anywhere," says Ian Lopuch, Vice President, Search Marketing at eHealthInsurance. The company also wanted to provide customers a seamless transition between its web and mobile platforms. After a two-month build, eHealthInsurance launched its new mobile site in April 2012.

Mobile site reaches customers during key research phase

eHealthInsurance carefully tailored site experience for its mobile users. "Due to the small screen size, we know that answering questions in detail on a mobile smartphone is not convenient for all of our customers," Lopuch explains. "So, we decided to innovate and simplify. We engineered an easy-to-use quote comparison, requiring few steps to view and compare quotes right on your mobile phone. After comparing and selecting the right plan, we follow up with our customer via email so they can complete the full application on our desktop website." The company also simplified data entry and improved overall navigation.

Mobile has joined the other eHealth channels in driving quality traffic and the company now attributes a growing percentage of all new enquiries to mobile initiatives. "Year-over-year, unique visitors to our mobile website are up 86%", Lopuch says. 

We are more excited about mobile than ever before, and Google has been a true partner every step of the way.

Testing and iteration drive continuing optimization

eHealthInsurance continually optimizes and innovates upon their mobile smartphone experience. One such example of optimization includes smartphone landing page testing and optimization. "We tested different experiences, carefully analyzed the results, and innovated our landing page strategy," Lopuch says. "Our largest landing page win involved the simplification of removing an interstitial page and cutting two pages down to one," adds Yamini Priya Rasetty, SEM Manager at eHealthInsurance.

In conjunction with launching their new mobile site, eHealthInsurance also launched mobile search ads. "We tested both text ads and also call extension ads. Both types of ads drove qualified customers to our mobile website, exhibiting high conversion rates. At the same time, our mobile strategy is not only about direct sales and conversion rates. It's equally important to offer advice and research to those earlier in their buying process. This latest test has marked a new evolution in our mobile smartphone advertising", says Lopuch.

Additionally, eHealthInsurance launched new mobile apps (both iPhone and Android). "Our new Better Health Insurance Finder app helps our customers to shop for plans, find and store their doctors' information, and manage their insurance – all on their mobile phone!" adds Lopuch.

Building and optimizing their site has heightened eHealthInsurance's commitment to mobile. "We are more excited about mobile than ever before, and Google has been a true partner every step of the way. We now have a new mobile website and an app (iPhone and Android). Thanks to our partnership with Google, we're off to an amazing start." concludes Lopuch.