3 marketing leaders explain how to win on mobile

Will Palley / March 2018

As more people turn to mobile, the stakes for marketers are higher than ever. We spoke to three industry leaders at major agencies and brands to get their tips on how to make every mobile transaction a winning one.

Stop thinking of mobile as a channel

Over 40% of online transactions are carried out on mobile, and mobile consumers expect mobile brands. Eric Reynolds, CMO of Clorox, has an interesting suggestion for brands looking to navigate this new world. “We used to think of mobile as a channel,” he says. “Then we realized that wasn’t sufficient—marketing essentially is mobile today.”

Make your creative mobile-first

“I’m still surprised by how little we focus on mobile-first,” Sarah Baehr, executive VP and managing partner at Horizon Media says. Mobile is no longer a nice-to-have. Whether focusing on video length, format, or sound, marketers need to be building their creative for a mobile-first world.

Answer a need

The mobile revolution has dramatically increased consumer expectations. Amy Pascal, VP and head of U.S. marketing for Lego, says if brands want to thrive, they must have a clear understanding of how mobile has changed the way people navigate the world. “If you as a brand can’t provide that service to them when they want it, they will move on quickly.”

When it comes to mobile, it’s time to stop making excuses