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Now that you've studied the 25 Principles of Mobile App Design, here are some helpful resources to grow your app and keep users coming back.

(Continued from Chapter 6: Usability and Comprehension)

The 25 Principles of Mobile App Design we've taken you through offer new insights on how to optimize the user experience through streamlined navigation and exploration, in-app search, design tailored for commerce and conversions, registration, form entry, and usability. We recommend comparing your current app experience to each principle in our guide and prioritizing improvements to your app to remedy any gaps.

Now that your app design achieves its goals of delivering a great user experience, you're ready to ramp up your marketing. Your marketing needs to match the life cycle of your app, beyond just finding new users. You'll want to grow an active app user base by ensuring app users continue to engage with your app and invite others to share the experience.

Strategizing for app success

Here are some tools to help you strategize for success across the life cycle of your app:

1. Drive acquisition and discovery of your app by implementing a growth strategy for installs. Read about growth with Google in the Guide to Driving Mobile App Downloads.

2. Welcome, ramp up, and engage your users with simple and reliable messaging no matter whether they’re using Android, iOS, or Chrome.

3. Remember to create an engagement strategy to keep current users coming back. You can engage users using specific tools like deep links and advertising campaigns in Mobile App Engagement.

4. Grow your user base through user advocacy via Google App Invites.