Brad Johnsmeyer

James Getomer

Senior Analytical Lead
Senior Analytical Lead, Google

Michael Okimoto

Senior Industry Analyst
Senior Industry Analyst, Google
  1. Source: Compete YouTube Audience Analysis, 3-month average from Q3 2012. U.S. Internet users 18-54 only. Gamers defined as YouTube visitors who had at least three visits to a specified set of video game websites in the previous quarter.
  2. Findings in first section based on 2011 and 2012 anonymized view data from YouTube ‘computer & video game’ category. Findings in second and third sections based on 2012 anonymized view data for top selling console games of 2012, according to NPD. Statistical analyses exclude kids and fitness games.
  3. Source: Console Gamers: Video Game Research & Purchase Process Report, Ipsos MediaCT, December 2011.
  4. Source: NPD POS Data. U.S. only. Based on top 50 console SKUs of 2012.
  5. Note: At the time of analysis, only four months of post-launch data was available. Further, 82% of sales occur in this time window, according to NPD U.S. POS data.
  6. Source: NPD POS Data. U.S. only.