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It’s critical to be there in the consumer’s moment of need—on any screen, in any channel. Part four of this five-part series shows how programmatic buying ensures the right ad is served to the right user at the right time.

Step 1Organize audience insights 

Step 2Design compelling creative 

Step 3Execute with integrated technology

Step 4 – Reach audiences across screens [You are here]

Step 5Measure the impact

TV, smartphone, tablet, desktop, display, mobile web, in-app, over-the-top video—screens and channels are only multiplying. Programmatic helps brands find and reach their audience in whatever way is most effective—whether that’s a video ad on a mobile phone or a display ad on a tablet. It’s all about doing what drives the greatest impact.

Programmatic capabilities are being added to new forms of premium inventory, like linear TV, for example, giving brands even more avenues for enhancing their campaigns. In the not-too-distant future, brands will have even greater flexibility and reach.

Here are the opportunities, actionable takeaways, and best practices from marketers who have found success.

The opportunity

Whether on mobile or desktop, in app or on a TV, programmatic makes it possible to deliver a message across screens at the moment of greatest potential impact.

If your desired audience happens to be using a smartphone in the morning to watch YouTube, programmatic will deliver the appropriate mobile video ad. If your audience is sifting through local shopping results on a tablet before dinner, programmatic will ensure the right ad is served. And as audiences adopt new types of connected devices and consume content in new ways, programmatic technologies will adapt to those too.

How to succeed

Follow these steps to seamlessly reach audiences across screens and channels:

  • Unify display and video campaigns across screens

Mobile and video consumption is skyrocketing, and inventory is steadily increasing. Thus, taking advantage of programmatic buying to efficiently leverage these high-impact channels will allow you to focus on reaching your audience where they are.

  • Keep multiple ad formats at the ready

Prepare dynamic ads to run in all sizes and build them using HTML5 so they can run across screens. Ensure you have a strong stable of video ads to communicate your brand’s message alongside premium video content..

  • Consider programmatic direct deals

Programmatic direct deals offer the audience targeting and efficiency benefits of programmatic along with the confidence that your ads will appear on only the high-quality publisher inventory that you choose.

Case study

“NBA on TNT” takes a creative programmatic approach to reaching millions of fans

Turner Sports used programmatic advertising to amplify the NBA Season Tip-off 2016 and help viewers who couldn't make it to the games experience the excitement as if they were there.

DoubleClick Customer Stories: Turner Sports & NBA on TNT