Google Display Network playbook for performance marketers

January 2013

With consumers spending more and more time online, breaking through the noise is getting trickier. This playbook tells you how the Google Display Network gives you the upper hand in reaching your target at key touchpoints throughout their day-at scale and with efficiency.

This playbook guides you through the steps to meet your performance objectives with the following sections:

  • Why the Google Display Network works for performance goals
  • Leverage targeting to find your audience
  • Use creative as a performance driver
  • Take advantage of manual or automated bidding
  • Become more savvy with measurement
  • Optimize to hit your goals

Why you’d use it

Whether you’re new to display advertising or a seasoned pro, this guide helps you understand the core components to a successful campaign as well as optimization tips to put it into action.

Viewability: Measuring ads that are seen