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As one of Brazil's top online retailers of children's products, Bebê Store wanted to expand its reach to connect with consumers in the moments that matter most. Looking to deliver captivating ads to consumers who are lower in the purchase funnel, the company combined the power of Dynamic Remarketing, Conversion Optimizer and Display Ad Builder to drive conversions across the Google Display Network.


Widen and reinforce reach on Google’s Display Network

Target potential customers who are lower in the conversion funnel

Reconnect with shopping cart abandoners


Used Dynamic Remarketing

Segmented audience based on overage order price

Implemented Conversion Optimizer to bolster campaigns

Used Display Ad Builder to enhance creatives


Grew conversions 89% after implementing Conversion Optimizer

10% of total conversions for Q1 2013 achieved by Dynamic Remarketing

Achieved 71% higher conversion rate on ads with price installment

With more than 30,000 products for babies, children and parents, Bebê Store is one of Brazil’s top online retailers of kid-friendly goods. Looking to reach its target audience at the right moments along the path to purchase, Bebê Store began using Google AdWords in 2010, initially focusing on search campaigns. It extended into Google’s Display Network in 2012, at which point it passed on the management of its AdWords campaigns to Blinks, due to its expertise in performance media.

Google has a wide range of sites in its network, which allows us to reach our target audience wherever they may be navigating, especially with remarketing campaigns.

—Lucas Neves, marketing manager, Bebê Store

Reach, control and transparency with Google’s Display Network

“Google has a wide range of sites in its network, which allows us to reach our target audience wherever they may be navigating, especially with remarketing campaigns,” says Lucas Neves, Bebê Store’s marketing manager. He says the granular control available with Google’s Display Network allows Bebê Store to bid efficiently, based on variable elements such as geographic region and time of day, to reach a targeted, valuable audience. “Another benefit of the Google Display Network is being able to see the sites where our banners are being exhibited,” he says. “We have rarely found this transparency with other vendors.”

In the past six months alone, Bebê Store showed more than 500 million ad impressions on Google’s Display Network, making display an essential part of the retailer’s acquisition and brand consideration strategy. “Overall, display ads have played an important role in bringing new visitors to the site and in branding,” says Neves.

Dynamic Remarketing recaptures customers with relevant messages

Looking to reinforce its presence on Google’s Display Network and communicate more aggressively with potential customers who are lower in the conversion funnel, Bebê Store began using Dynamic Remarketing in March 2012. Dynamic Remarketing lets Bebê Store deliver the right ad at the right time to a target audience, those who have already visited Bebê Store’s website, as they browse sites in Google’s Display Network. These ads are automatically tailored to users based on the pages or products they previously viewed on Bebê Store’s site. This dynamic personalization of ads makes it easy for Bebê Store to scale targeted advertising for its tens of thousands of products.

With Dynamic Remarketing, Bebê Store’s main goal is to reconnect with people who abandoned their shopping carts and encourage them to come back and convert. The retailer also uses Dynamic Remarketing to segment audience groups according to average order price and then target and communicate more effectively with each segment.

Conversion Optimizer lifts campaign performance, sales

To enhance the impact of its Dynamic Remarketing campaign, Bebê Store began using the Conversion Optimizer tool in October 2012 to achieve more conversions for its budget. Conversion Optimizer uses sophisticated machine learning to predict the estimated value of every impression —for every campaign, creative and advertiser—and sets smart bids in real time. It efficiently invests Bebê Store’s spend when and where users are likely to respond. This real-time bidding helps Bebê Store increase conversions by reaching potential customers at the right moment—when they’re primed to buy. After implementing Conversion Optimizer, Bebê Store saw conversions (one-per-click) grow 89% over a two-month period, compared with the previous two months.

Strengthened with Conversion Optimizer, Bebê Store’s Dynamic Remarketing campaign had the second-best performance in terms of conversion volume (behind the group’s search brand campaign) and represented 10% of all AdWords conversions in the first quarter of 2013.

Easily creating effective, customized ads using Display Ad Builder

To enhance the impact of its display campaigns, Blinks advised Bebê Store to use the Display Ad Builder tool to easily create eye-catching ads in just a few clicks; ads can be customized with colors, fonts, background images and different call-to-action messages. “The tool gave us the agility to test many different banners and led to a very rapid improvement in performance metrics,” says Claudine Ware, account manager at Blinks. And when paired with Dynamic Remarketing, the Display Ad Builder can create dynamic text ads, providing exclusive access to the 28% of text-only inventory and 7.8 billion daily text ad impressions on the Google Display Network.

With the Display Ad Builder, Bebê Store can choose from hundreds of templates (and growing) in a variety of formats, sizes and layouts to best deliver its key messages. For example, certain ad layouts showcase discounts, while others promote installment price, which is an important figure for Brazilian consumers. Two weeks after implementing its new Display Ad Builder ads, Bebê Store saw a 71% increase in conversion rate on ads featuring installment prices.

The tool gave us the agility to test many different banners and led to a very rapid improvement in performance metrics.

—Claudine Ware, account manager, Blinks

Taking an audience-centric approach

Going forward, Bebê Store says it will continue using Dynamic Remarketing to explore different ways of segmenting and communicating with its target audience. “We see our audience segmentation lists getting more granular in the future,” says Neves. “This will allow for better communication and pricing for each target.”