Moving Apparel Shoppers from Undecided to Decided in the Path to Purchase

July 2012

You think deciding what to wear is hard? About a third of online shoppers don't know which brands are available and where to shop for clothes online. When we took a closer look at their online behavior and search habits, we uncovered a huge opportunity for conversion with keywords.

How can retailers drive new customer acquisition? Google and Compete partnered to understand the digital path that can break this glass ceiling. Here's what we found:

  • Apparel shoppers are undecided on brand: More than 1 in 3 are unsure of what brand or where to buy.
  • Customers shop around before converting: 31% of people who bought apparel online visited more than five sites before making a purchase.
  • Search is a key shopping instrument: In the 30 days leading up to conversion, 9 out of 10 conversions have been search referred.
  • Top is best: Category term top ad positions are 35x more likely to drive new customer acquisition than bottom ads.
Mobile Retail Apps and Sites: Introduction