The Curious Consumer: Researching everything, no matter how small

July 2018

With unfettered access to a wealth of information, people are researching before every decision they make — major or minor. Because of this, each decision is an informed one.

For marketers, this means finding ways to answer these curious consumers’ questions.

When we looked at the data, we found that no decision is too small for curious consumers. They use search throughout the decision-making journey to get advice on purchases, even a toothbrush or an umbrella. This means there’s an opportunity for marketers to influence across categories.

These days, even the small decisions are researched: Best umbrellas (over 140%); Best travel accessories (over 110%); Best toothbrush (over 100%) In the past two years, mobile searches for “product reviews” have grown over 35%.

And when consumers aren't quite sure what they want, they rely on search for inspiration and ideas. However, if what they find doesn't match their budget, these research-obsessed consumers realize they have the tools to find something similar to that aspirational product, but one that's more practical for them.

In the past two years, mobile searches for "___ ideas" have grown over 55%. Examples:  1: Bathroom remodel ideas 2: Gender reveal ideas 3: Graduation party ideas 4: Groomsmen gift ideas Mobile watchtime of YouTube videos with “idea” in the title have increased by over 135% in the past two years. Examples: 1. Room decorating ideas 2. Halloween costume ideas 3. Gift ideas 4. Vacation outfit ideas Searches containing “_____ shopping list” have grown over 150% in the past two years. Examples:  1: New puppy 2: Newborn 3: Apartment 4: BBQ Mobile searches for “top or best ___brands” have grown over 95% in the past two years.  Examples: 1: Top mens clothing brands 2: Best cold weather clothing brands 3: Good luggage brands “That looks like” searches desktop SVG “Similar to" searches desktop SVG “Under $__” searches desktop SVG “Brands like __” and “Stores like __” searches desktop SVG

People are also using search to avoid making the wrong choice.

We’ve seen 1.5X more mobile searches ending with “to avoid” in the past two years. Cooking oil brands to avoid; Refrigerators to avoid; Kitchen trends to avoid; Tire brands to avoid In the past two years, mobile searches for “is ____ worth it” have grown over 80%. Is life insurance worth it; Is organic milk worth it; Is an electric toothbrush worth it Watch time of “does it work” videos grew by more than 11X in the past two years. “The Low Calorie Diet for Weight Loss: Does It Work?” “Does It Work? Ice Cream Maker Makes Real Food for Disney Frozen Queen Elsa and Anna Dolls”

And they want to be sure they’re informed before they make a decision, whether it’s what to buy or where to go. People are embracing a “try before you buy” mentality and a “know before you go” attitude. They are looking to learn as much as possible about products, destinations, and experiences — before they commit.

"First Ride" videos default SVG "Shop with me" searches desktop svg Travel diaries and vlogs desktop SVG “Wait times” searches desktop SVG “Menus” searches desktop SVG
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