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So you want to get an agency involved in identifying your must-win micro-moments and implementing your marketing strategy. These questions can help you choose the right partner.

1. There are so many moments; how do you approach choosing the right ones?

The right agency partner should be looking beyond traditional demo and reach-based metrics.

Look for: A focus on qualified audiences. The agency should be focused on learning what's most important for your brand and prioritizing the intent-rich moments where decisions are being made and preferences established.

2. How do you approach an intent-based marketing strategy?

A strong agency partner should be able to help you identify the intent behind customer searches – and consider how the consumer's context shapes that intent.

Look for: Examples of marketing programs they've built that solve for customer intent — along with strong business results.

3. How do you think about the role of intent for businesses? Is a transaction the ultimate goal?

Nobody wakes up in the morning with a credit card in their hand. An agency solely focused on the I-want-to-buy moment is a red flag.

Look for: A creative approach to helping you reach customers long before your competitor does, such as during the I-want-to-know moments. When your brand provides helpful content in these moments, customers are more likely to keep you in mind as they progress on their purchase path.

4. What's an example of how you've helped a brand address a key micro-moment?

Ask the agency to cite recent successes to help determine if they have the right expertise, insights and tools to address your key micro-moments.

Look for: A clear understanding of the customer’s intent and context, specific details on how they delivered on their needs in the moment, and results that show a direct impact to the bottom line.

5. How do you help your clients decide what content they need?

Creating useful content is an investment — a good agency will help you get the best ROI.

Look for: A smart approach to content mapping. Your agency should be able to identify content gaps and help you understand if your customers are getting the appropriate experience to meet a specific customer need. And they should flag when you're providing the wrong content experience — such as an I-want-to-know moment going right into checkout.

To keep these questions for easy reference, download the PDF.