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Land Rover wanted to build awareness of its all-new Range Rover. Using a YouTube Masthead, it created intense exposure to over 23M YouTube users in 24 hours. Repurposing its YouTube ad creative, it ran a Masthead Lightbox to ensure qualified engagement and cost-efficiency. These mastheads delivered a unique brand experience that showcased the design, capability, and refinement of the all-new Range Rover.


Increase awareness of the all-new Range Rover

Achieve massive reach

Create an exciting, engaging brand experience


Ran a YouTube masthead ad for 24 hours

Used YouTube Masthead in Lightbox to extend the campaign’s impact

Remarketed Lightbox to those who saw the YouTube masthead


Achieved an engagement rate of 3.65%

Engaged users an average of 23 seconds with the ad

Received 11M impressions and achieved 228k engagements

With over 60 years in the automotive industry, Land Rover’s car models have evolved, and so has their advertising strategy. In this digital age, Land Rover North America knows how important it is to reach consumers online, where they research brands and models before making a purchase decision. To create wide-reaching brand awareness, Land Rover turned to Google to launch the all-new Range Rover model in a big way.

To create and build awareness, Land Rover ran an expandable YouTube homepage masthead, which occupied the full width of the YouTube homepage below the navigation bar. Upon being clicked, the masthead expands to a 970x 500 in-page creative that offers high-impact brand exposure for 24 hours to over 23M YouTube users.

Looking to extend the impact of their YouTube homepage masthead, the brand decided to give YouTube Masthead in Lightbox a try, a new format from the Engagement Ads suite. The ad begins as a standard IAB-sized unit and expands after a user hovers over it for 2 seconds. This hover delay helps ensure qualified engagements, because the ad is only shown to those who choose to engage with it. This innovative and engaging format gave consumers the opportunity to experience the Range Rover firsthand through the ad’s navigation menu, which was an online version of the car’s dashboard.

Case Study Land Rover

To influence consideration in those farther down the funnel, Land Rover used remarketing to reconnect with those who previously saw the YouTube homepage masthead. The brand continued the conversation with those most likely to be interested, successfully increasing the number of touch points along the customer journey.


Land Rover took advantage of the multi-dimensional creative canvas that YouTube Masthead in Lightbox provided to deliver a unique brand experience that highlighted the design, capability, and refinement of the Range Rover. After just 12 days, the Lightbox campaign generated impressive results. The engagement rate increased to 3.65%, thanks to Google’s adaptive algorithm, and the ad received 228k engagements, with users spending an average of 23 seconds interacting.

The campaign not only achieved outstanding results, but also was a cost-efficient way for Land Rover to build awareness of the new model. Paying on a cost-per-engagement basis, the brand only paid for qualified user engagements, eliminating wasteful spending of their budget. “We found the CPE model very valuable,” says Kim Kyaw, the digital marketing and social media manager for Land Rover North America, “we only paid when a consumer had a full brand experience.”

The campaign’s 11M impressions came at no extra cost and provided additional brand exposure. Having achieved such impressive results, Land Rover North America is looking to expand its use of Engagement ads.