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The Clorox Company, parent of Glad Products Company, has been helping moms care for their families for over a century. To build awareness for Glad Black Bag products with modern moms, Glad turned to YouTube. The solution was an imaginative video campaign featuring circus performers and cheerleaders who crashed parties and entertained guests while using Glad Black Bags to clean up the mess. The video series aired on YouTube and used two new Google solutions to ensure that Glad reached the right audience of moms.


Efficiently reach and engage a specific segment of consumers

Drive brand awareness with this segment


Developed a fun, creative concept for its digital ads

Used parental targeting to reach the target audience

Measured campaign effectiveness with Google's Brand Lift solution and used near-real-time insights to optimize campaign


13% lift in brand awareness

2.5+ million total video views

24% click-through rate

Boost efficiency and extend reach

Glad® Black Bag had an earlier hit in 2012 with a digital campaign called "The Wild Life," that garnered 4 million views on YouTube. "YouTube is an easy choice for us because of the breadth of the audience on the platform and Google’s scale," says Erika Lamoreaux, associate director of digital media for The Clorox Company. "We also see YouTube as a search engine, capturing intent with our key target consumers."

The company is now starting to "plan our video media platform agnostically," Lamoreaux adds. “We use the video form of advertising to tell the brand’s story—in this case, it was Glad’s® versatility and strength. We use the unique characteristics of each video, coupled with consumer consumption behavior of each platform, to determine the mix of scale, reach and target that can deliver against our brand’s strategy. We have a balanced approach, which does include shifting some of our TV into online to get that higher efficiency and extended reach with better targeting."

Reach a precise audience

Glad® launched the Trash Crashers campaign on YouTube in February 2014. This series of five fun and creative trailer videos showcases the bags’ strength as the Glad® Trash Crashers team crashes a party to entertain guests while cleaning up. To create a complete user experience, Glad® created a digital hub on Consumers were urged to watch and share the longer-form videos to earn a coupon. The hub also included behind-the-scenes clips and additional strength tests as well as a display of all the social chatter surrounding the campaign.

We use the video form of advertising to tell the brand’s story—in this case, it was Glad’s versatility and strength.

The target consumers for Glad® Black Bags are women aged 25–54, particularly moms. "This target is always-on. She is a very connected consumer at home, at work and on the go," says Ka Chan, Glad® media manager.

Glad Trash Crashers Campaign Reaches Moms With Google Parental Targeting Tool

Drive views and awareness

To ensure that they were reaching the right audience, the Glad® brand marketers took advantage of Google’s enhanced targeting capability. Demographic targeting in AdWords, including age, gender and the newly added parental status, is based on browsing behavior and lets advertisers reach a specific audience across the web with high accuracy. "Being able to layer on that deeper targeting made a lot of sense for this campaign," says Christopher Reilly, associate media director at AKQA. “Driving views and awareness was key for this audience. We wanted the Trash Crashers videos to show the versatility and strength of the Glad® Black Bag."

The Black Bag campaign delivered as expected. The view-through rate (VTR) was 24%. Altogether, the ads garnered over 2.5 million video views from Glad’s® target audience.

"Trash bags can be a low-interest product for consumers in general. However, in certain moments, a reliable trash bag becomes an extremely important and relevant product,” Lamoreaux adds. "We’ve found that the solution is a combination of having a great creative idea and execution, and reaching the right person when she’s actually looking for information in that format. We’ve seen a lot of success doing that using YouTube."

The team also used Google’s Brand Lift solution to measure the impact in brand awareness generated by the Glad® campaign. This solution empowers brands to make the most of their digital advertising by providing insights into the effectiveness of the messaging. Results showed a 13% lift in brand awareness among consumers exposed to the Glad® Trash Crasher video ads.

Reach a specific consumer

The Glad® Black Bag campaign "helps reinforce the richness and targeting available in digital, thus justifying our shift in planning video agnostically and the distribution and platform customization necessary for each campaign," Lamoreaux says.