How Maggi Engaged Its Target Audience Over the Common Passion of Cooking and Generated 30 Years of Watch Time

January 2015

With such high viewership in the Middle East and North African region, (Saudi Arabia ranks first globally), YouTube was the perfect platform for Maggi Diaries to showcase how its brand goes beyond the kitchen while providing a source of culinary inspiration for Arab women seeking to know more, do more, and give more to their families. Through the story of four women traveling across the Middle East looking for new discoveries to inspire everyday cooking, the campaign utilized long-form video content and storytelling to connect and engage with the Maggi target audience at a deeper level. Viewers were able to follow the women on their journey, download recipes, and access video content through a unique custom gadget on the Maggi Arabia YouTube channel.


Reinvigorate the Maggi brand and connect with the Maggi target audience over the common passion of cooking

Create good food moments and make a difference to everyday cooking


Partnered with four inspirational, everyday women from the food and cooking scene in MENA

Took the women on a journey across the Middle East on a mission to inspire everyday cooking with new discoveries, transmit good food habits, and foster good food moments

Produced engaging content in the form of 16 webisodes as the four women embarked on their culinary journeys

Invited all women to be a part of the Maggi journey through an immersive and interactive digital experience


12 million+ views and counting

10X increase in subscriptions to Maggi's YouTube channel

30 years of watch time

39% + VTR

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