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When taking on big challenges to help Americans make smarter, healthier lifestyle choices, Google can connect you with your audience in the most impactful ways across the web.

Whether that be to wear a seatbelt, avoid driving under the influence, or to encourage people to stop smoking, you seek to inspire positive change. Your audience may not be aware of the issue, or aware of government resources that can help them. So how do you reach them and motivate positive change?

DRIVE IMPACT & CONNECTION The Google Display Network can generate awareness and relevancy by connecting with your audience at the right time, with the right message, where they spend time. The network reaches 94% of Americans online as well as specific audience segments by demographics, lifestyle, psychographics, or interests. You can layer on contextual targeting to reach those in the right mindset — through topic, keyword, or site. Creative can also be customized to reach your audience with the right message.

USE THE POWER OF SIGHT, SOUND AND MOTION Inspire your audience through the power of sight, sound and motion with video. It surprises us, teaches us, and even makes us smile. Plus, the world is watching more video. With more than 4 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube has the power to reach your audience and inspire them. Whether through the computer, tablet, or mobile device, the explosion of video consumption allows you to reach your audience where they spend time. From display ads to video ads, YouTube’s communication solutions can drive real awareness that can lead to behavior change.

GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR MESSAGING Engage your audience with communications solutions that inspire them to participate and embrace your message. YouTube offers several ways to establish this connection. Starting with a brand channel is key. Your audience can engage with your content and follow through to a YouTube Brand Channel or a campaign website to learn more, and even take action. The YouTube Trends Dashboard can help campaigns run a blast across YouTube’s most popular videos during key timeframes. YouTube Stars, the most popular personalities on YouTube, offer additional opportunities for custom branded content to integrate with your campaign or program.

MAKE YOUR MESSAGE RELEVANT When your issue is in the news, it hits multiple media outlets and dozens of websites. Get your messaging right next to relevant articles and web content by harnessing the Google Display Network’s powerful contextual targeting technology. Keyword Contextual Targeting allows you to show your message to users exactly when they’re reading about your issue or campaign across the millions of web pages in our network – automatically, and in real time. You select keywords and topics, and our system will automatically place your message on web content that’s directly related.