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When targeting hard-to-reach or specific audience groups, Google's platforms help you get your message to the right person, at the right time.

Sometimes a message is not meant for the masses. And other times, you may have difficulty reaching those you need to reach most. Whether you need to talk to moms about healthy eating habits for their children, reach those with limited English proficiency about financial topics, or talk to youth about safe driving, you may need to reach specific or niche audiences to ensure your message gets to the right people.

TARGET SELECT GROUPS WHERE THEY SPEND TIME The Google Display Network can help you reach parents, young people, Hispanics or practically any other niche group with effective, tailored messaging across devices. You can:

  • Target content – Use keywords and themes to find the right placements and show your ads on sites that are a suitable match for your message.
  • Target audiences – Reach Americans based on their interests and demographics.
  • Target sites – Show your ads only on specific websites that are the best match for your message and where your key audiences spend time.

The Google Display Network on mobile devices provides the same targeting technology and offers creative solutions such as interactive video ads and expandable ads that can transform campaign messages into engaging experiences.

GEO-TARGET KEY AUDIENCES Google AdWords and YouTube allow targeting by postal code, city, DMA, or state, to reach audiences based on geography and make your media buy work harder and smarter. You can also use local geographies to deliver hyper–targeted messages, an especially important strategy when you have different messages for different locations. AdWords geographic targeting can help reach those you need to with truly local messaging.

EXTEND YOUR MESSAGE WITH MOBILE Integrate mobile into your campaign to ensure that you're reaching key audiences regardless of what device they use to access the Internet. Ninety three percent of US Hispanics, the largest minority population, use a mobile phone (Google & OTX). Furthermore, both minority groups as well as teens and young adults over-index in smartphone engagement vs the general population. With U.S. smartphone users outnumbering other cell phone users, and mobile searches increasing by 500% in less than three years, adding a smart but simple mobile strategy can ensure you’re reaching the audience you most need to reach.