TrueView Ads: Getting Viewers to Watch, Not Skip

February 2012

Getting served an ad before the video you want to watch is no fun for anyone. But getting to choose the ad you watch creates an entirely different experience. That might be why 80% of consumers asked preferred TrueView ads to streaming ads. These units provide a choice of subject matter, give viewers the ability to skip repeats and help advertisers narrow down which products appeal to which consumers.

With online video, TV, cable and smart mobile devices, viewers can tailor entertainment to their own needs—video when they want it and where they want it. If you're an advertiser, how do you get someone's undivided attention? YouTube's TrueView ads give viewers choice and control over which advertisers' messages they want to see and when. We conducted a study on what viewers think about TrueView ads and here's what we found:

  • 8 out of 10 viewers prefer TrueView to standard in-stream ads. 9 out of 10 viewers think TrueView creates a better video viewing environment
  • €˜Curiosity€™ is the top reason consumers choose to view an ad. Peaking interest in the first 5 seconds is key to driving viewership.
  • Consumers are more likely to opt out of non-relevant categories and skip ads they have seen repeatedly providing efficiency to advertisers
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