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What goes into creating the top ads on YouTube? While many agencies find success with creative on our platform, there are a select few that repeatedly find their ads on our top ten list each month.

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard ranks the platform’s top ads based on factors including organic views, paid views, watch time and more. It’s an honor to make the list once but to place multiple times is a remarkable achievement.

So what’s their strategy? Stellar creative and media talent are a good start but agencies like this year’s winner, Leo Burnett, have that unique ability to repeatedly make impactful, memorable content that stands out.

See the full list of top ranking agencies below.

The Top Creative Agencies

Winner: Leo Burnett with 8 ALB Placements

"Cleaner of Your Dreams," a campaign created for Mr. Clean that aired during the 2017 Super Bowl, is an ad worth noting. The evolution of Mr. Clean was made clear in 2017 with the Super Bowl debut of this two-time Ads Leaderboard winner. Audiences were treated to some of his best cleaning moves yet and were pretty satisfied in the end.

Publicis with 4 ALB Placements

  • Notable ad: "World's Apart #OpenYourWorld" for Heineken. Perhaps one of the most courageous ads of 2017, Heineken succeeded where many haven’t when they embraced the most prominent political conversations of the year. The ad arguably became an example of what socially conscious advertising looks like when done well.

The Martin Agency with 4 ALB Placements

  • Notable ad: "Triangle Solo" for Geico. When was the last time you noticed the triangle player in an orchestra? The Martin Agency took an often neglected instrument and gave it a moment in 2017. The ad was watched by millions and even inspired a series of equally funny parodies across YouTube.

Wieden + Kennedy with 4 ALB Placements

  • Notable ad: "Want It All" for Nike. It’s a familiar story of a young boy’s dream to superstardom in the NBA but Wieden + Kennedy successfully captured the intense, high adrenaline moments every player faces on their lifelong journey - all within two minutes.