The Evolving Path of Today's Tech B2B Customer

September 2012

For companies looking for a tech partner, it all starts with search. In fact, we found that 67% weren't sure who to get their services from, leading almost all of those people to a search engine for answers. Others preferred to do their research through video searches, relying most heavily on brand sites and YouTube respectively.

67% of Tech B2B customers are not sure what company to purchase their services from. 93% of them use the internet to research their decisions, more than any other source. Google conducted a clickstream study and survey to better understand their buying behavior. We found the following:

  • 48% of Tech B2B customers discover brands they weren't aware of through a search engine
  • Display ads are remembered most by Tech B2B customers (46%) vs. magazine ads (29%)
  • 32% download research (i.e. whitepapers) on their mobile phones
  • Brand websites (56%) & YouTube (54%) are the leading destinations for online tech b2b video content
It's Time to Think Globally