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Holiday Shopping Insights

Explore the rising trends and emerging behaviors marketers need to know to capture customer demand beyond the busiest shopping days. Watch this page as we drop new insights throughout the season.

Stay on top of post-holiday trends

The holidays may have ended, but shoppers’ quests continue. In fact, gift-related searches increase during this post-holiday period compared with the early holiday season. Shoppers are not only seeking gifts for loved ones but also eager to treat themselves, creating a golden opportunity for brands offering post-holiday deals.

Show up for last-minute holiday shoppers

Cyber Week has come and gone, but most U.S. shoppers still have gifts to buy and decisions to make. As the gifting season nears its end, determined shoppers are on a mission to cross everything off their lists — and they’ll need to use both online and offline resources to do it. Seamless omnichannel experiences will be key to making the most of this moment.

Meet the holiday shopper where they are

While the best time to shop during major sale events remains a matter of divided opinion, eager shoppers snapped up Black Friday deals in mid-November. Just as people started their holiday shopping early, so did they get a head start on peak sale days during the holiday season. Brands and retailers have ample opportunity to connect in the weeks ahead, as shoppers conduct comparison searches, refine their wish lists, and even seek out post-holiday storage solutions.

Inspire the devoted deal seeker

Holiday shopping, especially deal-seeking, is more than just a task to be completed. For many, it’s akin to a sport. That may be why people are starting to seek deals earlier than ever — well before Cyber 5. These devoted shoppers tend to prioritize shopping for their partners and children, but they’re also taking advantage of sales to shop for themselves.

Be helpful to the determined shopper

As fall progresses, a growing number of people are starting their holiday shopping, and they’re using Google Search to do so. Historically, we’ve seen that people are shopping in as many categories in October as during Cyber Week. Online research is a mainstay of this decision-making period as these determined shoppers research with purpose, seek out inspiration, and look for deals.

Appeal to deal seekers throughout the season

Even deal seekers are known to deliberate. Google Search data tells us that shoppers are increasingly engaging in advanced research for products they intend to purchase and that sale days can launch new journeys for upcoming shopping occasions. Most shoppers seek deals throughout the season, and many use online resources to ensure a good value.

Connect early with the deliberate shopper

People are already shopping for the seasonal moments and holidays ahead. These deliberate shoppers are researching potential purchases across many different touchpoints, including search.