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Are you an Elsa, Olaf, or Anna? Judging by the top trending searches for Halloween costumes on Google, you're going to see a lot of each on the streets this October 31. The characters from Disney's animated blockbuster make up three of the top five trending costumes this year.

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While last year's list featured popular choices from TV (Breaking Bad) and the viral video "What Does The Fox Say," movie-themed costumes are dominating this year. Maleficent and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes round out the top five. Costumes from Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, and The Avengers take places six through eight, while video-game Assassin's Creed and pet costumes were the only non-movie-themed costume trends to make the Top 10.

Halloween costume trends

With more than half of its traffic coming from Google, online retailer anticipated the surge in interest around these top costumes and tailored its Google Search advertising to ensure that it's connecting with consumers as they're looking for this season's popular costumes.

"We watch the trends with a keen eye, especially around this time of year," said Jennifer Dominiquini, chief marketing officer for BuySeasons, Inc. (parent company to "It is important for us to leverage the trends and ensure those searching for them are finding our brand in their searches."

Trick or doggy treat?

It's no surprise that canine companions frequently join families as they take to the streets, going door to door, but more and more people are looking to incorporate their dogs into their Halloween costumes. Searches for dog costumes are trending nearly 15% higher than last year, and one pet costume even managed to crack the Top 10 trending costumes. At number nine on this list is "spider dog," no doubt inspired by the viral video sensation "Mutant Giant Spider Dog," which has generated more than 99 million views on YouTube since the beginning of September. has been seeing a surge in interest around pet costumes this season, with people also looking for ways to incorporate their animal friends into themed costumes for the whole family.

Halloween, the DIY way

Halloween is one of those holidays filled with the do-it-yourself spirit, particularly if the DIY costume and general Halloween trends on Google Search are any indication:

Top Diy Costume Searches
Top Halloween Diy Searches

But nowhere is the DIY Halloween spirit more alive than on YouTube. Last year, nearly one out of three Halloween costume searches on YouTube was for DIY costumes. Searches for DIY costumes on YouTube grew more than 200% in 2013 compared to the previous year.

One DIY area on YouTube that sees a significant seasonal spike every year for Halloween is makeup. The number of searches for makeup on YouTube hits a high each October as millions of people search for Halloween inspiration and tips.

Whether you're looking to show off your inner Elsa, searching for the best outfit for Fido, or looking to wow your friends with your DIY prowess, there are tricks and treats available for everyone this Halloween.