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Voice-activated speakers were a popular gift this holiday season. And that means in the coming year, people will not only be learning how to use these devices, they’ll be weaving them into their daily lives and routines. We wanted to explore how this emerging technology is shaping consumer behaviors, so we conducted research with people who own a voice-activated speaker. Here are five things we found.

It makes life easier

Voice-activated speaker owners told us that talking to their virtual assistant—rather than having to type—helps them get things done quickly and efficiently. And that means more multitasking. Here are the top reasons people turn to their voice-activated speakers.

1. It allows them to more easily multitask.

2. It enables them to do things faster than other devices.

3. It empowers them to instantly get answers and information.

4. It makes their daily routine easier.

It’s at the center of the home

People put voice-activated speakers at the center of their homes where everyone can access them. That means virtual assistants are always available for a quick answer.

Where people keep their voice-activated speakers

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It’s part of the daily routine

In a short period of time, voice-activated speakers have become part of people’s routines. Some of their daily habits, such as checking commute times and setting reminders for things to buy later, are now accomplished by talking to their virtual assistant. So long, handwritten notes. By revamping their routines, people are getting more done with less friction.

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It offers a new, more human relationship with technology

People are engaging with their voice-activated speakers as if they were human. They’re saying “please,” “thank you,” and even “sorry.” People perceive the devices as more than just an electronic toy, they’re more akin to another person or a friend.

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It’s a new playground for brands

People who own voice-activated speakers welcome brands as part of the experience. And they are open to receiving information that is helpful and relevant to their lifestyle.

What voice-activated speaker owners would like to receive from brands

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