What 1 ordinary day can tell you about how people are connected around the world

February 2021

On July 25, 2020, the world came together to tell the story of a single day. As part of YouTube Originals’ follow-up to its 2010 film “Life in a Day,“ thousands of people from all over the globe picked up their cameras and shared their unique, authentic experiences in that way that only video can capture. Whether it’s a couple in the throes of infertility or sky divers reaching new heights, watching their stories across borders and circumstances gives us a glimpse into what connects all of us in this unprecedented time in history.

For marketers, “Life in a Day 2020“ — directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott — is an opportunity to both understand a moment in time and explore how the democratization of storytelling, by way of digital video, continues to push the limits on craft, culture, and connection.

Check out the trailer below. Watch the entire film here.

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