3 Filipino industry leaders share their winning strategies for captivating viewers

April 2019

In the second half of 2018, Filipino viewers chose to watch ads that engaged them with music, told heartwarming stories about relationships, and featured a few recognizable faces. Here, brand leaders from three of the top ads in our H2 YouTube Ads Leaderboard share some advice about what makes a winning video strategy.

Be culturally relevant to your most valued audience

“At the heart of our approach is coming together to think about what makes people smile. We brainstorm the process of what we want to achieve, and then we figure out how it fits our branding and customer base. We knew our audience loves to sing and dance, so we were excited to work with singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan. When we brought him in, we involved Jose in the creative process because he has been a composer for many years. It felt very collaborative and quite natural. I think there’s a very strong people element to this particular content. The reaction we saw from our customers was, ‘Wow, this is just really great!’ Engaging audiences with fun, culturally relevant creative can make a big difference.”

Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing, Shopee

Watch Shopee’s entertaining ad featuring Jose Mari Chan.

Dare to be different and boldly break tradition

“Being in the tech industry, we noticed that our consumers often see spec-driven ads. There’s little you can do to differentiate yourself when it comes to things like megapixels and screen size. With this campaign, we wanted to create something that would stand out from that usual material,  focusing on aspects of Filipino culture like emotional storytelling, fandom culture, and love. We’ve worked with Liza, the actress in the ad, for a few years now, and we saw an opportunity to tell a story about her life with Enrique. It was exciting for both us and our audience to go beyond promoting the product and dive into a heartfelt story.”

Benson Galguerra, IT & Mobile Product Marketing Head, Samsung

Watch Samsung’s ad about capturing wonderful moments perfectly.

Make meaningful connections with your audience

“We believe the biggest question for all marketers is, ‘How do you make something people use every day more meaningful and special?' First, we needed an insight to fuel our creative. Pabaon (provision) is something that connects moms to their kids, so this concept became the inspiration for our ad. We also had to make sure that this insight tied back to our brand. Moms always want their kids to be safe and sound, and Safeguard is all about protection, so this insight was the perfect fit for our campaign. The magic happened when we brought everything together in an engaging story.”

Arthur Pena, Country Head of Digital & Media Solutions, Procter & Gamble (Safeguard)

Watch Safeguard’s ad that shows how moms’ love protects their children for life. 

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