How one Taiwanese brand tapped dynamic ad sequences to reach the right audiences at the right time

Sandy Chen, Eleanor Wu / May 2019

Even the most carefully crafted video creative can fall short if viewers aren’t paying attention. And the longer the ad, the harder it is to keep viewers engaged. Here, Google Taiwan’s Sandy Chen and Eleanor Wu share how the Infant Nutrition Division at Nestlé Taiwan created dynamic ad sequences to encourage viewers to watch its cinematic seven-minute spot from start to finish.

We’ve seen online video’s ability to boost campaign performance time and time again. And with 70% of people in Taiwan watching YouTube every day, today’s marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to share authentic and meaningful stories with their audiences. But the vast amount of content available for viewers to watch makes it difficult to keep them engaged. In a campaign raising awareness for infants’ allergies, the Infant Nutrition Division at Nestlé Taiwan saw firsthand how important it was to reach audiences with the right message at the right time.

Nestlé Taiwan created a seven-minute short-film-style video ad titled “Still not too late.” The ad showed the long-term effects of infants’ allergies and encouraged parents to take preventive measures with the help of Nestlé Taiwan’s resources. The brand wanted to make sure viewers didn’t skip this long-form ad, so it used YouTube’s video ad sequencing tool to serve the creative in a way that complements how viewers watch content.

Sequencing ads with a sprinkle of movie magic

Since Nestlé Taiwan only served its ads to consumers who were highly likely to convert, it needed to ensure most viewers were watching the entire video. The team hypothesized that parents would be compelled to watch the full-length spot if it was clearly relevant to their children's health.

That insight inspired the brand to take a similar approach to film studios (after all, people eagerly sit and watch movies for hours in theaters) and promote its long-form ad with cinematic trailers. After editing its main creative into a six-second bumper ad and a 15-second premium trailer, Nestlé Taiwan created dynamic ad sequences tailored to people’s viewing behaviors.

Nestlé Taiwan’s six-second bumper ad

For instance, the brand served the 15-second video to people who skipped the long-form ad entirely, encouraging them to revisit and watch the entire video. If viewers watched the full film-style ad for at least 30 seconds, the brand followed up with the shorter bumper ad to deepen their connection with the story.

Lifting view-through rates with customized delivery

Nestlé Taiwan’s campaign confirmed that reaching the right audience with the right message in the right moment makes video ads most effective. By putting this insight into action with dynamic video ad sequences, the brand increased the view-through rate of its long-form ad by 10%.


Brand interest for Nestlé Taiwan also increased by 236%, indicating that its trailers sparked viewers’ interest and its video ad resonated meaningfully with audiences.

Making a lasting impact with video creative

For marketers looking to nurture relationships with their audiences, combining data-driven insights and strategic storytelling is key. Successful video campaigns share relevant stories with engaged viewers. And by customizing delivery to meet viewers when and how they choose to watch, brands can remain memorable long after the video has ended.

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