How Maybelline used consumer intent to find the right audience in Indonesia

Regina Prisilia / February 2019

When competing in a saturated market like the makeup industry, brands need a solid strategy behind their creative to make sure it gets in front of the right people. Here’s how Maybelline used custom affinity audiences to reach its ideal audience and, as a result, efficiently drove consideration and favorability for its line of eyebrow pencils with Indonesians.

Maybelline is no stranger to the importance of using online video to capture consumer attention. So, for its campaign in Indonesia, the brand focused on understanding the online behaviors of Indonesian women in order to attract the right eyes on its videos highlighting brow pencils. To ensure the most effective strategy for engaging eyebrow aficionados online, we worked with the brand to test two campaigns for reaching the right audience on YouTube:

  1. Demographics and affinity audiences to engage audiences based on demographics and predefined buckets of lifestyle and interest categories.
  2. Custom affinity audiences to tailor audience parameters on a more granular level.

With custom affinity audiences, Maybelline was able to narrow down its potential audiences based on people who searched for specific keywords such as “eyebrow pencils” and “perfect brows,” as well as searches for salon locations and other videos, sites, and apps related to creating the perfect brow. In the end, custom affinity audiences proved to be more effective in driving both engagement and brand lift. Custom affinity audiences delivered a 32% higher view-through rate, a 50% higher uplift in consideration, and a 15% higher uplift in favorability in comparison to demographics and affinity-based targeting.

By focusing its efforts on finding the specific interests of people on YouTube, Maybelline maximized its campaign engagement. “This brow campaign managed to overcome the challenge of getting the right product benefit to the right audience,” said Ngoc Phungbich, marketing director at L’Oreal Indonesia, “which resulted in amazing business results with significant sales uplift and share gain.”

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